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"Sir, we wish to see Jesus" John 12:21

Contact Ann at: StBartsHHK@aol.com

The office has been bustling this last quarter. So many things are happening. Most of the excitement is from the anticipation of our Interim Priest's arrival. Once the Interim is in the office, we will have someone on site, to oversee all that goes on, in and out of the office and the building. I'm so excited. Thank you to all those people who have worked together as a church family and have been my office angels. I would have fallen to pieces without all of your support. It takes our loving St. Bart's family, with everyone helping in their own way, to keep it all together. Thank you and Blessings to Everyone!

The Military Prayer list in the weekly bulletin will be cleared soon. Please contact the church office to add your Military Prayer requests.

Office Angels
Thank you for your continued help with the office. Please stop in the office for your Angel wings if you missed getting yours at the Annual Parish Meeting.

Service Schedule
Please help us welcome our Interim Priest with an abundance of service volunteers. Already several new acolytes have been inspired to join the team. (Please see Toby Winiarskiís announcement on page 15.) Let us fill up all the other teams as well. You may want to serve God on the team of Ushers - They greet people, pass the collection plates and escort worshippers to the Eucharist. Or, Lectors - They read the Lesson and/or Epistle at services. Or, Choir members - They rehearse and sing Sunday mornings. To learn more, please contact Kathy Gabrielle kgabrie396@aol.com.

Property Use
We can offer our Parish Hall to parishioners for parties, wedding receptions and other family activities. For details, please contact Kathy Gabrielle kgabrie396@aol.com.

The Community Thrift Shop in Midland Park. 85 Godwin Ave, Suite 33, Midland Park, NJ 07432, (201-652-7661) Donation Days: Mondays and the 1st Saturday of the month 10am-2pm. Mark your donations with #43 for St. Bartís. How your donation helps: You drop off items marked with #43. The thrift shop puts them out for sale. Every 3 months, for the items that sold with #43, the thrift shop mails St. Bartís a check for 30% of the sale price. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Office Hours Ė
Summer 2018 most Mondays & Fridays from 7:30 am Ė 12:30 pm one Sunday/month and/or some evenings. Please call or e-mail before your visit. Thank you.. 201-444-5025 or stbartshhk@aol.com

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