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"Sir, we wish to see Jesus" John 12:21

Contact Ann at: StBartsHHK@aol.com

Directory Name verification is still in progress. Please contact the office to provide your name(s), address, phone & e-mail to be included in the next church directory.

Service Schedule Kathy Gabrielle will now issue the service schedules. Thank you to Kathy for taking on this challenging task. Please contact Kathy by e-mail, with your service schedule concerns kgabrie396@aol.com.

You may also contact Joan Lupardo for coffee hour at joansappraisals@aol.com or Bob Mazza for counting at robertmazza7@gmail.com.

Fundraising Thank you to everyone who donated items to The Community Thrift Shop in Midland Park. 85 Godwin Ave, Suite 33, Midland Park, NJ 07432 (201-652-7661) Donation Days: Mondays and the 1st Saturday of the month 10am-2pm. Mark your donations with #43 for St. Bart’s. How your donation helps.: You drop off items marked with #43. The thrift shop puts them out for sale. Every 3 months, for the items that sold with #43, the thrift shop mails St. Bart’s a check for 30% of the sale price. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Office Angels A special thank you is deserved to all my office angels: Dave, Soon, Kathy, John, Michael, Judy & Joan. Your help over these last few months has been a great relief. It makes me smile to know I have your support. May God bless you.

Office Hours – Winter 2017 most Mondays & Fridays from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm one Sunday/month and/or some evenings. Please call or e-mail before your visit. Thank you. 201-444-5025 or stbartshhk@aol.com

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